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5 Reasons Why Family Vacations are Better for Children than Gadgets or Toys

Do you remember that camping trip you had with your family in 4th grade or that time when you were lost in a carnival in your childhood? Research indicates that family vacations create lifelong cherishable memories for children. These childhood memories act as a happiness anchor for them throughout their adult life.

In this post, we’re going to list five reasons why parents should choose family vacations over fancy toys for their children.

  • Create happy memories for life: The digital age has pulled families apart. It is quite common to grow apart with all the gadgets and attractions. Going on a family trip with your children will create cherishable memories for the entire family. Studies have found that happy memories are likely to stay longer with people and can even help them counter painful memories/experiences.
  • Learn real-life lessons: Interacting with people from a different culture is an educational experience for your kids. They will not only understand cultural diversity, but they will develop a deeper understanding and respect for other cultures. Facing problems and dealing with them during vacations could help children learn real-life lessons.
  • Strengthen the family bond: study done by Kelton research firm found that families tend to be more joyful, affectionate, and excited during vacations. Not only that, family trips help everyone discover new things about themselves. Furthermore, even parents enjoy spending more quality time with their children, and they are ready to give up on habits like extra sleeping, coffee, or other hobbies just to spend more time with their kids.
  • Higher concentration and focus: Nature can do wonders for children. Research has identified that being in nature for as short as 20 minutes could improve the concentration and attention levels in children. For adults and seniors, exposure to nature can help reduce stress levels and regulate healthy blood pressure. Who knew that a camping trip had so many added benefits!
  • Advance cognitive development: We all know how much fun it is to play with children, but parents rarely get enough time to see their children let alone play with them. For children, a family vacation helps accelerate cognitive development. By just playing with your children on a family vacation, you active critical neuro systems including PLAY and SEEKING systems. These systems are crucial for the development of explorative traits and execution efficiency in a person, a gift for their adult life.

So the next time you are about to buy a video game, drone, or gadget for your kids, think again and take them out for a vacation.

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